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The Tablet is a piece of equipment available in Danger Zone in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Piece of equipment can be accessed by pressing the [TAB] or using [B] to open Buy menu. It is used to gather intel on other opponents, notify drone purchase deliveries, lead the package to the tablet of whoever ordered an item from the shop, notify the player about the expanding Danger Zone, and also tell players about drops.

Can be replaced with other player's Tablet to obtain different purchasable weapons.

Tablet Automated Delivery

In Tablet has "randomised" buy menu which randomly selected which weapon will be available and every player have different purchasable items in Tablet Automated Delivery but,with exception following: Tablet upgrades, Ammo, Armor + Helmet, Offensive Utility, Mobility Package, Tactical Package, Ballistic Shield, Knife, SSG 08 and Radar Jammer.

Following items can be randomly selected on first deploy during gameplay:

Delivery name Item(s) / Chance
Premium Pistol
Sniper Rifle

means shares same "chance" with items from "Arms Crate".

Tablet Upgrades

Name Buy menu icon Description Cost Entity
Drone Upgrade
Csgo Survival buymenu drone.png
Drone upgrade speeds up drone deliveries and shows drone activity $1000 prop_weapon_upgrade_tablet_droneintel
Zone Intel Upgrade
Csgo Survival buymenu zone.png
Zone Intel shows next safe area $1750 prop_weapon_upgrade_tablet_zoneintel
High Res Upgrade
Csgo Survival buymenu hires.png
High Res shows more detailed sections on tablet $4250 prop_weapon_upgrade_tablet_highres
Drone Pilot Upgrade
Csgo survival buymenu pilot.png
A remote control drone of your very own $1000 prop_weapon_upgrade_tablet_dronepilot

Cut Content

  • Information about cut delivery item called "Redeploy Teammate" (or "Teammate Redeployment Crate") can be found in localization files[1].


  1. csgo_english:
    "TabletRespawnDrone"			"Redeploy Teammate"
    "TabletRespawnDrone_Tooltip"	"1 Teammate Redeployment Crate Delivered."