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The Tactical Awareness Grenade is an utility grenade that was released in the February 17, 2016 update for Operation Wildfire.


  • The grenade is only available in the Co-op Strike mode.
  • The grenade is operated like any other grenade. Unique to it is its ability to latch on the first surface it touches.
  • Only one TAG may be carried at once.
  • Once it is thrown and latched onto a surface, the grenade will beep for 2 seconds and blink its red light before emitting a sonar wave, revealing nearby enemy positions on the radar and granting a 3 second x-ray (red outline through walls and smoke) vision.
  • The grenade always draws tracer lines that lead to the enemies it spotted.
  • The grenade also shows the amount of health the enemy has left by filling up their outlines from the bottom up, representing the amount of health they have lost.
  • Spawning and using it outside of Co-op Strike reveals that a player getting detected by the TAG will receive a short moment of disorientation, similar to the effects of a flashbang exploding nearby.


  • This is the first released grenade that does not bounce when thrown.
  • The game files refer to it as sonar_bomb, indicating it might be using sonar technology to detect enemies.
    • Sounds and models files refer to the grenade as sensorgrenade.
    • According to the texture, the weapon is called "TAG SENSOMIL"
  • The weapon's texture contains the same "V" shaped logo also found in the revamped versions of Train and Nuke.
  • The weapon's animations still show the player performing a pin-pulling animation, even though there are no visible safety pins on it.


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