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Here you go. Don't use it all in one place, heheh. I think the captain wants you to secure the alley over there.

Tanaka is a Japanese Kidotai operative and appears in the Deleted Scenes mission Hankagai.

Physical Appearance[]

Tanaka shares the same model as any Kidotai operative. He is equipped with a Colt M4 Rifle. He wears, like any operative in his class, a sky blue combat outfit with dark blue Kevlar Assault Vest with a Riot Helmet, black kneecaps, handguards and white gloves.



A team comprising of Kidotai operatives escort a VIP, on a political mission. They were to oversee the whole area but suddenly, an ambush begins, killing one of his escorts. The player is informed by Tanaka to clear threats then await for further orders. Afterwards, he gives the player extra ammo for his weapons (if the player interacts with him). After clearing the alley of Terrorists, he dies from a shot by the gang leader, who is carrying a sniper rifle.