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The team tag (or clan tag) is a feature in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive allowing a shortened version of a clan or group name before the player's actual name. These tags are only available on the PC version of the game, and are based on the abbreviation of a steam group.

Counter-Strike: Source

Player can choose Clan tag by going to OPTIONS » "Multiplayer" tab » "Advanced..." » "Clan tag".

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Once a group has set the abbreviation, the user can select the tag in-game by going to Options/Help and Options(in-game) » Game Settings » Team Options » Steam Group Clan Tag.


Clan Warfare css.png Clan Warfare
Win a match of at least 10 players where the entirety of each team is composed of a single clan.


  • Enabling a team tag in-game will only affect the player's name within that particular game. As such, the team tag will not show up on the player's Steam profile, nor will it show up as part of the user's past aliases if the team tag is changed.