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The Technical is an improvised vehicle that appears in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It is unusable to the player in both apperances.


The Technical is simply a modified pick-up truck equipped with an M2 Browning Machine Gun. It can only be seen being used by the Terrorists, specifically, the Elite Crew and Guerrilla Warfare.

The Technical cannot be disabled by the player directly, as the invisible driver and the vehicle itself are immune to all attacks. The gunner is completely unarmored and can thus be easily eliminated. Once the gunner is killed, it will lose all offensive capabilities and thus no longer pose a threat to the player.

Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes[]


One Technical can be seen before the player arrives at the wounded Delta Sniper's location. It is manned with one gunner with XM1014 on his back.

Lost Cause[]

One Technical can be seen crashing through the wall, making an opening to get outside. The gunner survived the crash so the player has to kill him.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive[]

One technical appears in Dust, at the very back of Terrorist Spawn behind some rubble. However, it is merely a prop, and cannot be used.

The technical's windshield is removed, and is carrying spare tires along with the hood. A heavy machine gun (similarly unusable) is mounted on its back with two spare ammo boxes.


  • The machine gun uses the M2 Browning model but reuses the M249 firing sounds.
  • Like Dog in Half-Life 2, the Technical's movement and all MISC abilities are scripted, and as such it's not subject to the notarget command, but the gunner is. (Notarget command does not prevent it from moving, as it doesn't directly seek out the player). Futhermore, it is impossible to spawn it via console commands. The HMG on the back is likewise unusable.
  • Despite real-life technicals often come with a driver and a gunner but this is not the case in-game, as the driver is never supposed to be seen (thus the opaque windows). Additionally, they do not leave the vehicle and as it's an enviromental prop in most cases, the driver cannot be killed, nor can the vehicle be destroyed.
    • This makes it one of the few invincible vehicles in the entire game
  • The machine gun on the back of the technical in Dust in Global Offensive resembles a DShK machine gun.

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