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This article or section refers to unreleased or cut content and may contain inaccurate or incomplete information.

The Territory Control mode was an experimental Counter-Strike: Source game mode, that was being developed in 2006.[1] The mode was discovered in the 2023 leak of the licensee Perforce for Source Base 2013 engine.[2]

Although this mode was not released, the main idea was implemented in a different form in Control Point mode.


The Territory Control mode revolves around capturing and defending designated areas known as "territories". Both teams spawn at opposite sides of the map and start with an equal amount of one controlled territory, one adjacent territory, and three central territories that neither team controls. The objective is to take over the entire map by capturing all territories. The territory itself is usually a building, the point of capture is the control panel located in its area. How exactly the process of capturing territory takes place remains unclear.

A key feature of the mode is the ability to respawn after a certain amount of time after death. The default player respawn time is 30 seconds, however, in the prototype map for this mode it was increased to 60 seconds. Players can respawn in captured territories, as well as buy weapons, grenades & equipment there or in special ammunition stores near them.


Territory Control maps are prefixed with cc_

  • Prototype


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