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They are too well armed for us to get any gunships to your location. This is a one-man show. You only have 15 minutes to shut down the engines before the momentum of the ship will plough it right to the city! If that ice breaker of that size hits land at that speed, it's reactors will definitely go critical!

Thin Ice (cz_thinice) is the seventh mission in Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes storyline.


A hijacked Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker is on a collision course with the city, Vardo, Norway. Should this collision occur, the reactors will detonate and result in massive casualties. The vehicle is heavily guarded and therefore the player will not be supported by allies, and must accomplish the objectives by cutting the ship's power and steering it away before killing all opposition.


  1. Locate and disable vessels engines.
  2. Proceed to bridge and steer the vessel away from shore.
  3. Prevent terrorists from escaping.

Weapons & Equipments


Icon Weapon Ammo
P228 P228 Compact 13 / 26 .357
Knife Knife 1
Blowtorch Blowtorch 1
RC Bomb RC bomb 5
Kevlar Kevlar 1 (one more kevlar discovered later in mission)



Weapon Ammo/Amount Note
W ump45 ds.png
25 / 0 Hud .45 cz.png Found in a locked room that its door can be opened with a blowtorch.
W m3 ds.png
8 / 16 Hud 12g cz.png Found at a table in a room after the first terrorist with a Machete emerges.
W deagle ds.png
Desert Eagle
7 / 0 .50 ds.png Found near a dead civilian, the part prior to gaining access to the player's spawn area again.
W elite ds.png
Dual Elites
30 / 0 9mm ds.png Found near a broken beam that you stepped on that opens the door, on a higher platform.
W scout ds.png
10 / 30 Hud 7.62 cz.png Found on a box that requires a pullable box to jump on, so the weapon can be obtained.
W awp ds.png
10 / 0 Hud .338 cz.png Scripted to drop from an enemy sniper.
W hegrenade ds.png
HE grenade
W flashbang ds.png

AI Player

Russian Spetsnaz


Arctic Avengers

Weapon used:

  • Machete - (used frequently)
  • Glock 18 - (used frequently)
  • XM1014 - (three enemies, separated, discovered in the middle of the mission)
  • TMP - (one enemy, discovered in the middle of the mission, situated at hard-to-see position)
  • MP5 Navy - (one enemy, discovered in the middle of the mission, with large group)
  • AK-47 - (four enemies, separated, discovered later in mission)
  • Arctic Warfare Magnum - (three enemies, separated, discovered later in mission)
  • Flashbang - (two enemies, ambush)
  • HE grenade - (one enemy)

The user of the weapons:





Grey balaclava


Redstrip balaclava




Dark grey balaclava


Mission Notes

  • Despite the stated time limit, the mission will not fail regardless of the time required to complete it.
  • The Harrier will not escape and continue fighting until it is destroyed. It only takes damage from Sniper Rifles.
    • The best way (or the fastest way) is to find the Scout, then swap between it and the AWP while fighting the jet.
    • There are multiple medkits within the proximity, which can be utilized when the player's low on health.
  • The door in the engine room won't open until you stop the engine. Look for the green light for the switches if you are stuck.
  • If you jump in the water, you will die because it is the Arctic Ocean which is extremely cold.
  • The turrets can be taken out easily. However, they are very small thus hard to notice. Listen for their beeping/suppressed sound to locate them.
  • If you throw a HE grenade into the meal transporter at the cafeteria, it will create a massive explosion. The reason is unknown but it will kill all Terrorists in the cafeteria as well as the controller of the boat. The only way to survive this explosion is to stand on the table with the radio.


  • Three individual maps are used in this mission.
  • The mission success music was used in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. The music is used when the player wins a map in the Tour of Duty campaign.
  • There are four hostile ceiling-turrets in this mission, which is the only time such devices appear in-game. These are reused from Half-Life.
  • The opera song heard somewhere in the ship (usually from the radio) is the song "E Il Sol Dell'anima" sung by Luciano Pavarotti and is used in Italy.
  • About halfway through the map, there are two yellow platforms sticking out of a yellow cylindrical object. Jumping on the second one causes the first to break and opens a door leading to the .40 Dual Elites while playing a sheep sound.
  • It is unknown why the Harrier was on board - The real Harrier was used by the NATO which does not include Russia.
    • It is possible that the Arctic Avengers owned the aircraft.
  • It is speculated that the player's model is a Spetsnaz operative in an arctic uniform. However, there's no in-game player model. If you enable the third person cheat, the player is invisible.
  • This is the only mission where the player is not assisted by NPC allies.
  • In the sound files of Thin ice, some voices of the CNC says that they will destroy the ship when the player did not stop the engine. This was probably cut during the development of this mission, as there's no time limit in the end.
  • In earlier versions of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes, a glitch may happen if the player exits without saving right after the mission starts. After loading the autosave, the player will get stuck. Since the mission is not selectable on the World Map for some players, this mission can only be played by finishing the previous mission again, or by using the console command map cz_thinice01.
  • The Condition Zero cut map Vessel is based on this mission.
  • If the player uses godmode and noclip commands, the player can find 2 small boxes of .45 ACP ammo for the UMP-45 to use, as well as a dead man, possibly at the bottom of the sea.