• Hey Wuzh, thanks for giving me the Trusted User role. I did not expect to see that coming. However, I am just asking, do we need skin families for EACH skin including singular skins that only appear on one weapon? I personally think that could still count as a skin family, but we would have hundreds of pages of singular skin families. Do you have any suggestions for it?

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    • Wuzh
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    • Go ahead with the singular skins. Managing these pages won't be an issue.

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    • Alright. I guess I'll start with the non-singular skins first to get some work done.

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    • Wait. Also, how am I supposed to put information into the tables for the knife finishes? The first 5 knives (Gut Knife, Bayonet, M9 Bayonet, Karambit, and Flip Knife) with the same finish could be obtained from multiple cases.

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    • Just try to include them all for now I guess.

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    • But the infobox? How am I supposed to put the knife info in the information box?

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    • I don't know what you're talking about. There aren't any infoboxes on the skin pages you've been doing right now.

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    • I'm sorry. I meant the information table that showed the skin's information. My question is, since some knives come from multiple cases, how am I supposed to put the information in the table? Or should I just not include the info for the knives? Also, for my Neon Kimono and Black Laminate pages, should I just call the families "Kimono" and "Laminate"?

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    • For the knives, since one knife can come from multiple cases, you should include all the cases where the knife appears, and use the "rowspan" format specifier to have the information of one knife span multiple cases.


      Collection Icon Collection Weapon Skin Quality Flavor Text Drops
      Set vertigo Collection 1 AK-47 Black Laminate Mil-Spec None  x
      ESports 2013 Case icon Collection 2
      ESports 2013 Winter Case icon Collection 3

      For example. Here I used rowspan to have one skin cover multiple collections.

      As for the names, right now I feel like it is better off if you would split off all of them into their own pages. Each skin family name should be split into their own page. (In fact Isaac should be split from Asiimov.) You can include a See Also section with links to link to other associated skin families.

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    • oh ok thanks

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    • I still do not understand how the rowspan works. I went on Help:Table on Wikipedia to search how it works, but I still do not get it. Do you have to put the rowspan on the collection and the collection icon inside the columns before the actual collection icons and names?

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    • You put rowspan on the columns that you want to span across multiple rows.

      This is the script for the example table I showed you above (it's actually not 100% the script, but it's good enough to demonstrate how rowspan works):

      {| class="article-table sortable" style="text-align:left; width:100%;"
      !Collection Icon
      ! style="width:29%;"|Flavor Text
      ! style="width:1%;"|Drops
      |Set vertigo
      |Collection 1
      |rowspan = 3|AK-47
      |rowspan =3|Black Laminate
      |rowspan =3|Mil-Spec
      |rowspan =3|None
      |rowspan =3 | x
      |ESports 2013 Case icon
      |Collection 2
      |ESports 2013 Winter Case icon
      |Collection 3

      Notice that the parts where I put rowspan on ended up spanning across multiple rows.

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