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Terrorists have invaded the Wundergarten amusement park and are determined to turn a thrill ride to a kill ride.
―Map Description

Thrill (de_thrill) is a community-created Bomb Defusal map designed by BubkeZ, Squad and Yanzl and is featured in Operation Hydra in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In the March 15, 2017 update, the thumbnail of the map was added to the game files.[1]


The map was originally developed by BubkeZ (creator of Mirage) as Mirage 2 (de_mirage2), a project he had worked on for Counter-Strike 1.6 since 2011 and released in 2015.[2] FMPONE wanted to port Mirage 2 to Global Offensive, but due to working on Santorini he cannot spend time on Mirage 2. Instead, Squad and Yanzl worked with BubkeZ to create Thrill for Global Offensive with a new theme.[3]

Update History

March 15, 2017
  • Added thumbnail of this map to game files.