Creator(s) Chris Auty (original author)
H.Grunt Csgo-payback-icon-small Csgo-phoenix-icon-small
Game(s) Beta Game icon 730 (Csgo-payback-icon-small Csgo-phoenix-icon-small)
Scenario Hostage rescue
Terrorists Balkan
Counter-Terrorists GSG-9
First appearance Counter-Strike 1.1
Last appearance Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Workshop Thunder

A large-scale recreation of the CS 1.1 hostage rescue classic.
―Global Offensive Map Description[1]

Thunder (cs_thunder) is an official hostage rescue map included in Counter-Strike 1.1. A community remake was included in Operation Payback and Operation Phoenix of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, on the October 13, 2016 Update, the map was removed from the game files, making Thunder inaccessible via console.


The map takes place on a dam and its surrounding facilities. The dam itself features long sight lines with very little cover. The interior, on the other hand, contains small hallways and large rooms.

Official description

Counter-Terrorists: Enter the dam complex and remove the Terrorist threat. Attempt to rescue all hostages.

Terrorists: Prevent hostage rescue.

Other Notes: There are four hostages in this mission.



The map was designed by Chris "Barney" Auty. It was built in 2 weeks and was finished to be included in version 1.0, but was not included in the game until version 1.1 due to time constraints[2]. Custom textures for the map were provided by "jOeSmOe". The setting of the map was taking place in a dam complex in the fictional place Spaznic, Russia, apparently named Yenrab Hydro-electric Dam, in which the Terrorists took the workers as hostages while the Counter-Terrorists must infiltrate the dam and either eliminate the Terrorists or rescue all the hostages[3].

This map may have been developed further if only it was not removed due to a few problems. Although Thunder was balanced as a variety of weapons could be used to anyone's disposal and would not lead to the complete overpowering of the other team, the main problem that persisted was that one of the hostage rescue zones was somewhat too close to the room with the hostages which made the other two rescue zones around the outside nearly useless. This would lead to an immediate gunfight between the two teams. Moreover, the outside of the dam could easily be controlled by snipers thus causing many players to avoid that area. Overall, most of the map would not be fully explored by other players and may have caused the removal of Thunder.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The map was remade in its entirety by "H.Grunt" and uploaded to the Maps Workshop on February 27, 2013[4]. Due to its popularity, it has since been featured in Valve's Operation Payback and later in Operation Phoenix[5][6]. The layout was drastically overhauled to fix previous balancing issues. For example, the extraneous hostage rescue zones around the dam have been removed and there are additional ventilation shafts that would allow the CT team to avoid enemy snipers.

Thunder can also be played on Deathmatch. It has been tweaked by Valve and was redistributed into a separate workshop page.


  • The dam is not blocked by an invisible barrier so players can fall to their deaths. In 1.6, a scream can be heard when a player dies this way. However, the scream is not present in Global Offensive.


  • It appears that there is an error with the total number of players for each team. The maximum players for the Terrorists was 9 while for the Counter-Terrorists, it was 11. The correct number for each team was most likely 10. How this problem occurred remains unknown.
  • Although the setting Thunder is taking place in a dam, there is no water found in any place of the map. Instead, the sky and the bottom of the dam where water should be located is merged, which made the dam appear to be located in the sky. This may have happened due to the map developers never had sufficient time in revising the map or it would take too much time for the map to compile to include the water.
  • When a player falls down from the dam, he will receive 5000 damage.
  • There are three interact able computer monitors that serve as security cameras in the CT Spawn Zone. The areas that are overlooked are the control room (where the hostages are found), the outside of the dam (where two other hostage rescue zones are located), and the generator room. Meanwhile for the Terrorists, the monitors are located in the control room (although hard to notice). These can be enabled by interacting with the green/red buttons. The areas overlooked are an entrance that connects the control room and the generator room, the stairs next to the vent, and the control room itself.
    • One of the cameras can allow a player to see himself. This makes Thunder the only map where a player can see himself without using cheats.
  • Some elements of the map are reused from de_prodigy as both maps feature a complex with an area located outside, contains communication centers/rooms, have enclosed hallways and has a place where the player can fall to his death.
  • The ambient sound heard in the dam area is derived from the Xen chapter in Half-Life.
  • Near the CT spawn zone, there is a secret. Using noclip or free look spectating mode, there is an enclosed area that has the G-Man, a Houndeye - both of which are from Half-Life, and the developer names. The G-Man does his idle animation sped up, while the Houndeye has no animation whatsoever. They are also both transparent.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • The map reused the Harz sign from the original version of Nuke.


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