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If you keep following me, she dies!

Toshifune is the terrorist VIP and Mission's Last Boss Character in Hankagai.


The first appearance of Toshifune is at the start of the game, after the player completes the second target. He kills Tanaka, but if the player doesn't retaliate in time, he will kill Mr. Yoshida, resulting in a mission failure.

The second appearance of Toshifune is when the player is in the streets. When the players passes a net, he will see Toshifune running away. Toshifune will even kick a civilian off his bike, while screaming "Out of the way, old man!". Then he will disappear.

The third appearance of Toshifune is some seconds after the net zone, and the player can see him trying to escape from the player. After the player passes a second net, he can see Toshifune escaping but being hit by a car. Then Toshifune will run to the garage in front of him.

The fourth appearance of Toshifune is in the garage zone. You can see him running away while a terrorist closes the garage. In this scene, if you hit Toshifune before the garage closes, you will block him, although he can't be damaged per usual.

The fifth and last appearance of Toshifune is nearly to the end, when he, behind a glass, will take a girl as a hostage. There is only a short window to attack without him escaping or hurting the hostage (both of which will fail the mission). Once he has been eliminated, the mission ends.


  • He is called "Asian_Punk" in the game's model catalog.