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Truth, is a bomb demolition map based on a Japanese shrine. Most of the battles are close-range combat. Except for the balcony of the shrine, the terrain of this map is destined to be unsuitable for the use of AWP or Scout's bolt-action Sniper Rifle player.

And this is also destined to be a short-lived in the period of Counter-Strike (Xbox) and Condition Zero, and be removed in Counter-Strike: Source.


In Truth, many fights take place at close quarters, so players with assault rifles, shotguns, SMG, and M249s will have an advantage most of the time (if the fight takes place in an underpass area, this feature will be more obvious), unless a faction is able to take a balcony position, snipers with bolt-action sniper rifles (Scout or AWP) are generally rare in Truth.

Hot spots[]

Counter-Terrorists Spawn Zone/Bombsite B[]

This area is a closed area, which provides a large number of locations for the Counter-Terrorists to ambush the Terrorists who come to plant bombs, such as the blind spots of the four Terrorists' vision and behind the door, which are excellent locations for the Counter-Terrorists to set up ambush. , If the terrorists can break through the ambush that the Counter-Terrorists may set up again, they can also use these blind spots to ambush the Counter-Terrorists in turn.

It may be wise to use smoke grenades or flashbangs to obstruct the vision of enemies that might be in ambush in the area, or use HE grenades to force out a potential ambush enemy in a dead corner to kill him or simply blow them up.

If you are Counter-Terrorists and fail to defend this area, and you or your teammates have tactical shield, you can make you or your teammates with riot shields close the shields and enter the defense state and enter this area to prevent terrorists , so that the remaining teammates can better interfere/eliminate the terrorist remnants or defuse bombs under its cover.

Terrorists Spawn Zone[]

This area connects the access directly to Bombsite A or courtyard, and an underground access to Bombsite A.

The fighting that takes place here is usually not overly intense, but if a terrorist is crushed by the Counter-Terrorists while using the underpass to invade Bombsite A and escapes alive, they may pass through to use another route to enter Bombsite A or turn to attack Bombsite B.

Crawl Space[]

This area is extremely narrow, so shotguns, micro submachine guns and M249 and HE grenades are extremely deadly in this area.

The main purpose of this area is to be used as an alternate route to the left room of Bombsite A. Counter-Terrorists can arrange users with tactical shields at the exit to distract the Terrorists and allow other team members to flank terrorists from behind or use Tactical item to eliminate terrorists attacking Bombsite A using this route.

Smoke grenades and flash grenades can also be very effective in disrupting and preventing enemy attacks in this area.

Bombsite A[]

This area is a guest room and is divided into upper and lower floors, and it is also the only way to the only sniper vantage point in Truth: the balcony.

This area has several overturned wooden tables, after the bombs are placed, terrorists can hide behind wooden tables to ambush Counter-Terrorists, however, Counter-Terrorists can take over faster via the courtyard route or the indoor route This area also arranges snipers on the second floor to fight terrorists.

The plants in the flower beds in this area can block almost all the bodies of the players crouching inside, so there may be players who use the flower beds to hide their bodies and use silenced weapons to ambush enemies when they are fortified.


This area is the central transition area that connects Bombsite A, Bombsite B, and the Terrorists Spawn Zone, so fighting in this area is always fierce.

If one side occupied the balcony area in advance, this faction may have the upper hand in the courtyard battle. Close combat weapons such as shotguns and submachine guns are always deadly in this area, and some players may choose to stay at the courtyard exit. And use the bolt-action sniper rifle to instantly kill enemy survivors after a battle or downsize the enemy in battle to give his team an advantage.


Conflict and fighting in these areas may not be so violent, and their main role is to use as a route to Bombsite A or Bombsite B, after bombs are placed, some Counter-Terrorists may use the indoor route to quickly reach Bombsite A.


This area is mainly used by the Counter-Terrorists to enter the side porch or side chamber of Bombiste A quietly (since it is closer to the starting point of the Counter-Terrorists), and rarely fights take place here.

If the terrorists can capture Bombsite A faster than the Counter-Terrorists using the underground route or the side route, the ducts in the side chamber can also be used to set up an ambush for the Counter-Terrorists using the left route.

*In Condition Zero, since the Zbot cannot squat and jump, there are often cases where the Zbot is stuck in the ventilation duct and cannot move.