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Tundra (as_tundra) was an official assassination map featured in the Counter-Strike beta and it made its last appearance in Counter-Strike 1.5.


This map takes place somewhere in Alaska but its specific location is not known.

Official Description[]

Background: Security has been breached at a covert weapons sales meeting deep in Alaska. After stealing the weapons, they are waiting to take out the VIP.

Counter-Terrorists: Escort the VIP to one of the two safety zones. An APC and a rescue helicopter are at your disposal.

Terrorists: Eliminate the VIP and prevent him from reaching the safety zones.


The map was designed by David "Zaphod Beeblebrox" Marsh and featured textures made by Chris "MacMan" Ashton. The map was based on a previous unofficial map that Marsh had made called as_desert. As there was already an abundance of desert themed maps, Marsh decided to change the map to use a snow theme. In addition, a second VIP escape zone was added and an alternate underground route was also added. The total build time of the map was 2 to 3 months[1][2]. Like the predecessor it was based on, as_tundra was also initially released as a custom map.

After the custom map release, a few alterations were made to the map. The most notable of these was the extension of the underground route to the building just by the Counter-Terrorist spawn to provide an alternate route. This updated version of the map was released together with beta 6.5. After becoming part of the official map rotation, the map received no further updates. The last appearance of the map was in version 1.5.

The map was not included in the retail version of Counter-Strike.



  • In some cases, the bodies of players will be visible through walls if shadows are enabled. Due to this, if a Counter-Terrorist is armed with a sniper rifle, they can reach a window and kill Terrorists without having direct contact with them. If the map is loaded in CS 1.6, this will not occur.
  • Despite being removed from the game itself, the map specific radio commands still exist and can be used if the map is added to the game files.
  • The map has 15 spawn points for Counter-Terrorists, but only 10 spawn points for Terrorists.
  • The map is one of the more popular maps in the assassination scenario.
  • Tundra is the only cut map to be featured in a screenshot on the Counter-Strike store page.


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