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Turn of the Crank
17:00 hours
Highway Village
Modesto, California


Counter-Terrorist team: Modesto SWAT Team
Terrorist team: Sepulveda Cartel


CNC: Check, check, one, two. Okay, comms are up. Enter Sepulveda's house to make the transaction. Your Briefcase is wired to send a signal to the assault team when opened. DO SO ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SURE we have Moses Sepulveda in the building.

(Player messes around)

CNC: Stop screwing around, you'll blow the whole sting!

CNC: Get into that house, move it!

Meeting the Cartels[]

Goon 1: Entre entre, holmes!You're late. Moses is waiting for you at the back.

Goon 2: You do not want to keep him waiting, friend.

Goon 3: Weren't you supposed to be here half an hour ago?

Goon 4: What's in the briefcase?

The Deal[]

(Moses in sight)

Moses: Quickly my friend!

(The player comes closer)

Moses: Ok my friend, let's see the money!

(The player opens the briefcase)

Moses: Ahh, this looks good! In return, I'll gladly provide you with some of my quality product!

(Moses admires the money)

CNC: Okay team, that's our cue, FIRE IN THE HOLE!

(Player gets blinded and the SWAT moves in)

Operative: Taking fire!

Operative: Sector clear.

(Area secured)

CNC: The house is secure, everyone who can, move to the warehouse and engage the remaining targets.

CNC: Be advised, multiple targets moving to warehouse behind the residence.

(Player fights to reach Moses)

Moses: Get to the warehouse!

Moses: Kill the pigs! Everybody out!

Moses: It's a bust!

First corner[]

Terrorist: They're inside!

Assault sequence[]

Cartel: Take them down!

Cartel: Stop them!

The Scarface fight[]

(Player sees Moses beefed up and armed with an M60 Machinegun)

Moses: (In Spanish) My product will speak for itself! Come and get me pig!

Moses: Hahaha, you can't kill me!

Moses: Eat this!

(Moses is defeated)

CNC: The warehouse and residence are both secured. This place was definitely the motherload, good work everyone.

If failed[]

CNC: That’s it! Abort mission! Repeat! Abort mission!


Turn of the Crank by Levelord, the level designer leader from Ritual Entertainment