Agent “Two Times” McCoy of the USAF TACP.

The United States Air Force Tactical Air Control Party, or USAF TACP, is a counter-terrorist faction featured in Counter Strike: Global Offensive The faction was added as part of Operation Shattered Web, along with other factions/agents player could unlock by purchasing the operation pass, and then obtaining the required amount of "stars" needed.


The USAF TACP features only one agent: "Two Times" McCoy. In the official description, it is stated that he earned this nickname by completing the TACP training twice. He is a "distinguished agent," or a "pink," and was unlocked by obtaining 76 "stars" in Operation Shattered Web, and then being randomly selected to be given to the player. After Shattered Web, it is only possible to obtain any agents through the Steam Market.


  • In the original blog post by Valve, the abbreviation “TACP” was misspelled as “TAPC.”
  • This faction, along with the KSK, are the only factions with only one agent.

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