Been playing Counter Strike since beta 4, fun stuff. Also did some mapping in the early CS:S days releasing one of them known as de_knight or "that dark map with tons o' boxes."

Things to do

  • Not screw things up (ongoing)
  • Update weapon galleries and market links
  • Update updates
  • Clean up templates
    • portable subnav template
  • Improve CSS
    • creating/maintaining classes
    • removing in-line styles
    • automated styling
  • Work on the mobile version
    • improve proper wikia short code use
      • Improved some improper DL/DT/DD usage
    • improve homepage
  • Get internet back Done!
  • Working on a remake of de_knight (fore shame!)
  • Get popup template working
  • Replace code italics with {{code}} template (my bad).
  • Getting ready for Katowice 2015!
  • Hierarchical categories
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