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My Contributions and Credits to those who helped me:

  • I make and constantly improve Tips and tricks pages with the assistance of several friends and bureaucrats/admins:
    • Yong Feng, (created/contributed for several guide pages on maps.)
    • ConTraZ VII (made major improvements with the pages that I have created.)
    • Sector 36 (provides additional tactics for maps and weapons)
    • Mroosa (contributes for the CS:GO articles)
    • Wuzh (fixes/improves pages)
    • ...and other Wiki users.
  • I also created most of the articles about the old Counter-Strike beta maps with the help of FatBoySVK and Irv1n3 as they have provided additional photos for the pages.

Several Things that the Wiki needs to learn/fix

  • Please use the word "the" more often. However, some proper nouns (like names such as Counter-Strike) may not need it all the time).
  • Avoid run-on sentences by using periods or semicolons.

Personal Tactics:

  • In one match, never implement the same strategy twice in a row as enemies will learn from it.
  • Do not throw an HE grenade, Molotov Cocktail, or the Incendiary Grenade at an area where the hostages are located.
  • Always be sure to remember the camping spots where players will most likely seek cover in.
  • If you suspect an ambush on the other side of a pathway, take precautions instead of rushing!
  • Try not to be predictable (although warning your team members of any risky maneuver is a good idea) and be creative in your approach.
  • If a Defusal Kit is not available, preventing the enemy team from planting the bomb is an alternative solution.
  • Remember to stick together with team members as this will give assailants a harder time in eliminating groups of enemies.
  • NEVER rush through one direction and do not stay in the same spot twice as AWP users will gain the luxury of shooting you down easily.
  • Memorizing the hot spots in each map can increase your chance for success.
  • Every weapon has an advantage and disadvantage. Knowing these facts can make it easier for you to wield the most preferred weapons.
  • Never reload in front of enemy players as they will quickly seize the opportunity to eliminate you.
  • Depending on the surface of the object(s) and wall(s), you can "wallbang" (the process of shooting through penetrable surfaces) even when you and/or your enemies are under cover.
  • If you have the C4 bomb, always stay together with team members. If you do not follow this tactic and go rogue, enemy players can eliminate you and make it very hard for your team to retrieve the bomb.
  • When engaging enemies, try not to expose yourself to the fire of more than one opposing player. If this is not considered, you will be subjected to an additional volley of bullets.
  • Attacking a target, retreating, and shooting again can make it easier for you to eliminate opponents.
  • In Arsenal: Arms Race and Deathmatch, be sure to watch the statuses of players. If they die, those players will automatically respawn in their respective Spawn Zones or other locations and they may be able to ambush you.
  • Depending on the recoil and latency, strafing while firing your weapons can make it harder for enemies to target you but can lead to a decrease in accuracy. However, using submachine guns with this tactic should favor you.

Favorite Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Mission

Favorite Counter-Strike Beta Map

Favorite Videos:

Here is a list of my favorite Youtube videos that relate to Counter-Strike :)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta-Hostage Strike

CS:GO- Law and Order (Parody)

Best Counter-Strike movie 4 ever (part 1/2)

Strel's Frag Movie - Best CS: 1.6 Movie [HD]

Sparta Remix Radio Commands CS 1.6

CS part 1

CS part 2

The Vicious Cycle of de_dust2

(Warning: Audio may be quite loud at certain times)

[SAXXY 400 Days Since Last Infection ]

Counter-Strike Best Frag Movie (IGNITION)

(HD Version)

Counter-Strike: reIGNITION

Counter-Struck - By Saturday Night Special Productions

BassHunter-Counter Strike (Original Sound)

Counter-Strike - DE dust2 HD

Mousesports - Ready, Willing & Able

.PhP & WT: The Reason - Pro Counter Strike Movie -

Phoon - Too much for zblock

Favorite Tools:

IrfanView (Helps me to convert my in-game screenshots from bitmap photos to PNG thus allowing me to publish the pictures in the Counter-Strike Wiki)



Favorite Music/Songs/Bands:

Alice in Chains (Rotten Apple)

Celldweller ( Switchback)

C & C Red Alert 2 music (Hell March 2)

C & C Red Alert 2 music (Grinder)

Faithless: Insomina

Five Finger Death Punch (Bulletproof and Hard to See)

Fort Minor - Remember The Name HD


Killing Floor- Containment Breach

Metallica (Shoot me Again)

Quake 2- Sonic Mayhem - Quad Machine

Saliva (Song: Ladies and Gentlemen)

Seether - Remedy

Slipknot (Before I forgetand Sulfur)

Tantric ( Down and Out )

Tool - Parabola and Schism Alter Bridge - Metalingus

Boy Hits Car - (I'm a cloud and Man without skin)

Blood Stain Child - Freedom

The Crystal Method - (Name of the Game and Keep Hope Alive)

Infected Mushroom - (Artillery and Cities of the Future)

Nine Inch Nails - (Doom 3 Theme Song and Closer)

Puscifer - (Indigo Children)

Pronobozo - 100ft High [HQ]

P.O.D. - Youth Of a Nation

Zardonic & Voicians - (Bring Back the Glory)

Favorite Maps





Maps that I hate



This map is cramped and has too many open-spaces in the infrastructure. Although the catwalks and the top parts of the map may seem appealing at first, you'll just increase your chances of being killed as there is no cover to protect you from enemy volleys. Meanwhile, traversing at the floor is just as frustrating as the upper pathways.

At first, snipers may seem to have the overall advantage but remember, there is little to no cover within the facility. Meanwhile, shotgun users are doomed and rushing with these weapons is suicide. Moreover, submachine gun users will struggle the most in this map.

This is a L4D2 map, not a Counter-Strike map.

de_tides (Counter-Strike: Source)

This map has nice props but that makes it finding enemies quite difficult. Some areas are too open spaced while other locations are too cramped. Tides is unbalanced as the map creators probably focused too much on enhancing the visuals and not the balance of this map. Basically, Tides is good for Gmod but not for Counter-Strike gameplay.


Port is way too open-spaced. Any sane person would not use shotguns, SMGS. or pistols (in later rounds), let alone, play in this map. Sniper rifles here are over-powered, especially the AWP, and no one would ever venture outside.

Favorite Weapons



Dual Berettas


Krieg 552



Steyr Scout


Almost all submachine guns, especially the P90

Least Favorite Weapons


This pistol inflicts too little damage and it doesn't have such good accuracy, compared to most of the pistols. Even though it has a burst-fire mode, which enhances its damage, it suffers from a low rate of fire as a result and has even lower accuracy. The Glock-18 is dumped very often when (human) players can afford better pistols and in some cases, the amount of dropped Glocks in the Terrorist Spawn Zone is sometimes called the "Glock Graveyard".


The P228 isn't so bad in CS: Source but it isn't a good/reliable pistol either. It has bad accuracy and I would rather use the USP, Five-SeveN, and the Dual Elites. Spraying bullets is not reliable and burst-fire is laughable. I never see human players use this pistol.


Seriously? Who the heck would wield a 25 round sub-machine gun with a low rate fire (in older games)? It also has fairly high recoil per shot in Source and inflicts so little damage. This makes the UMP-45 nearly obsolete against rifle and shotgun users and is a very poor choice to spray and burst-fire bullets. .


Just why? I've seen TMP users in Source have a better time than MAC-10 users. Good luck in spraying bullets at close range with assailants armed with better weaponry and burst-firing against snipers.


The M3 is arguably the most useless weapon in the Counter-Strike franchise. Almost no one sane enough would ever wield this shotgun against an enemy player with a rifle, submachine gun, or the XM1014. People would laugh at you if you try to shoot at groups of enemies with high health. The slow pump animation and very low rate of fire doesn't give enough justice for its damage per shot and you will be considered to be lucky if you were able to hit a target with one shot. The M3 is also heavy thus strafing is not an option and the high pellet spread is unforgivable.

Flashbangs can be used but human players are often too smart to be cornered by an assailant with this shotgun. Smoke grenades are OK but the AK-47 can score a headshot at close range by spraying bullets in which the M3 cannot do (most of the time, in terms of accuracy). HE grenades can be used to weaken targets but human enemies will easily counter-attack once after they are hit with the explosion and correctly deduce your position. They can also avoid close contact with M3 users.

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