Yong feng

aka Tim Deckers

  • I live in Belgium
  • I was born on February 26
  • I am Male

I was an avid player of the Counter-Strike games and I used to edit many CS wiki pages. I was active since July 22, 2012. I became a rollbacker since 29 October 2013 and I became a bureaucrat since 23 April 2014. However I took a retirement since 4 September 2018.

Pages created since I joined this wiki

My stats

Edits of Yong feng on Counter-Strike Wiki
Total: 8,101
Article: 5,101
Talk: 312
Board Thread: 160
User: 238
User talk: 159
Thread: 464
Project: 110
File: 466
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User blog: 17
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Favorite maps

Hostage rescue

  • cs_assault (A good map for Terrorists and for using sniper rifles)
  • cs_backalley (I like to use close range weapons)
  • cs_italy (Again, average map for snipers, has a radio, and lots of chickens)
  • cs_militia (Great sniping map, as a Terrorist. I can kill an entire CT team with the G3SG1 who try to rush through the front (1.6 only))
  • cs_office (Again, I like to use close range weapons)
  • cs_siege (Same reason)
  • cs_robbery (A map redistributed by TheNeXusCore on Gamebanana)

Bomb Defusal

  • de_aztec (Best map for snipers)
  • de_cbble (Ditto, and with the sniper nests, I become virtually invincible.)
  • de_nuke (Dark map for close and long range weapons)
  • de_prodigy (Boxes at T spawn gives me an advantage to cover myself and close range combat is very intense(1.6 only))
  • de_vegas (Casino: YEAH! + I can stay in the vent hole near Bombsite B as the bots can't see me) (1.6 version downloaded from gamebanana). Also available in CSS version but as a mod.
  • de_vertigo (I like to see someone fall from the skyscraper and hear the sound of their scream)
  • de_jeepathon2k (I like driving the car, and doing drive-by shootings with a passenger. The bots here are idiots, they shoot the car engine and they can't drive + I can plant the bomb in the car)

PS: Thanks to TheNeXusCore for giving me the download link of de_vegas.

Weapon preferences

Special thanks to

  • TheNeXusCore often assist me in helping my poor English in this wiki. He's bureaucrat on this wiki too and is my close friend on Steam.
  • ConTraZ VII designed the theme of the wiki. And he is pretty good in editing MediaWiki features. While he may not seem to be very active. Still, he is the one who edit misc content of the wiki. He's a admin on this wiki.
  • Mroosa is very creative to new ideas on this wiki. And know most info about Global Offensive and also designed the theme of the wiki. He's a admin on this wiki.
  • Wuzh is good grammar checker as well bad redirect hunter. He's a bureaucrat on this wiki.


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