The purpose of the Counter-Strike Wiki is to give the Counter-Strike community a place to view and contribute information about the series. The community as a whole is responsible for ensuring the information is as accurate as it is informative. Our job as admins is to make sure the information follows the standard Wiki policies, as well as the policies laid out in the Counter-Strike Wiki policy, and to ensure the wiki stays a friendly, inviting, and impartial place for users to learn more.

However, there have been a string of recent politically charged comments on several of the Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist factions pages. We wanted to take the time to remind the community that this wiki is not the place for such politically charged comments. The Counter-Strike series of games pit terrorists against counter-terrorists in a virtual game world for entertainment. As the series has progressed, the game developers have strived to make the contents of the game as realistic as possible, which includes the decision to include real-life counter-terrorist and terrorist factions. Regardless, this wiki is not the place to debate the political implications of the real-life counterparts. This is a site about a video game series, not a political forum.

As a result of the increased political comments, some strict actions will be taking place. For the time being, all of the faction pages will be placed on Strict Comment Watch, and any and all comments will be deleted by an admin without prejudice. Any user found repeatedly ignoring this change, will be blocked without warning.

As always, please keep the wiki friendly and informative. -- The Counter-Strike Wiki team

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