Vip escape zone
VIP escape zone
Game(s) Beta Cs t Cscz t
Used for Escaping as the VIP
The VIP escape zone is the target location for the Counter-Terrorists' VIP in the assassination scenario.


The VIP must attempt to reach the VIP escape zone within the time limit and without being eliminated by the Terrorists. The escape zone is often located in or near the Spawn Zone of the Terrorists, often giving them an advantage.


In Counter-Strike 1.6, there is only one official map with a VIP escape zone in the Counter-Strike series.

In the beta, there were four assassination maps that had at least two escape zones.

In Condition Zero, there was one assassination map that was in development.

Counter-Strike Beta


There are two VIP escape zones, one is a helicopter and another is a gate entrance that is guarded by two mounted machine guns.


Similar to Oilrig, the VIP escape zone, which is a landing pad, is located above the infrastructure.


The VIP must reach any one of the two provided jeeps.


The VIP escape zones consist of an APC and a helicopter.

Counter-Strike 1.6


The Counter-Strike map Oilrig is the only official assassination map in the Counter-Strike series. It has one VIP escape zone, located at the helicopter on the top of the oilrig, close to the Terrorist spawn zone.

In-game screenshots

Condition Zero Beta


The VIP escape zones are a helicopter and an APC.