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Evil. Criminal. Terrorist. The reality is that I am none of these things. My name is Valeria Jenner, and I am the voice of The Phoenix... and The Phoenix... is the voice of freedom. It’s said that you have talents that can be of use to The Struggle. It’s time for you to prove you have the skills you claim to have.
―Valeria, introducing herself

Valeria Jenner is a character featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in Operation Bloodhound, Operation Wildfire and Operation Broken Fang.


Valeria is the highest ranked known official of the The Phoenix. She was responsible for Chase Turner's defection during Operation Vanguard. During Operation Bloodhound, she and Turner narrate the briefings of the Revolution campaign. She has great respect for Turner's ability. When Turner is killed, she narrates his briefings and uses him as a martyr to justify future Phoenix activities.

Valeria launches a new operation against the Coalition during Operation Wildfire. Informed by Franz Kreigeld of a traitor, Imogen, who is supplying information on the Phoenix to the Coalition Taskforce, Valeria plans to eliminate Imogen regardless of the repercussions that would come with crossing paths with her father, Booth. She boarded a helicopter to reach the Phoenix Compound to eliminate Imogen, but two Coalition Taskforce operators had attacked the compound, extracted Imogen, and destroyed it with explosives. She and her bodyguard, Naomi, were caught in the blast, but survived and killed the operators who returned to search for signs on her.

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