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The following is a list of quotes from the Valeria Jenner from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Operation Wildfire[]

The Enemy Of My Enemy...[]

  • "There's no hiding from us Imogen... we'll find you and make you pay for your treachery. Failure can be forgiven.... Betrayal will always be met with death."
  • "Stop that APC!"
  • "It's not too late for you Imogen. I understand that you're scared, and that you don't want to die. But if you step out of that vehicle with courage and dignity I will grant a quick and merciful end. But if you stand defiant... If you continue to cast your lot with these jack booted thugs... you will reap the whirlwind."
  • "Find Imogen and bring her to me. Anyone wh35o plays a part in bringing this traitor to justice will earn my favor and be rewarded."
  • "You've failed The Phoenix by letting Kincaide be removed from our care, and now a modern Judas Ascarriot hides in plain sight. Find Imogen... and in doing so earn your absolution."
  • "Do not let that APC leave this compound!"
  • "Stop the coalition taskforce! Do not give these imperialists quarter or mercy!"
  • "Imogen... I know you can hear me... and I want you to understand something very clearly. Even if you escape today, you can not hide from us. The firey wings of the Phoenix embrace this world, and not even your father can shield you from the flames."
  • "Imogen...come out come out whereever you are"