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Venice was a planned Counter-Strike map by Ido Magal.


Not much is known regarding the planned map.

On July 25, 2002, the Counter-Strike official site posted information regarding Ido Magal's unfinished map and a link to download textures.[1] The same information was posted on Counter-Strike forums around the same time.[2]


These are textures I made for a CS Venice map I planned, 
but never executed. So I'm sharing them, hoping 
someone will make some good use of them. 
So permission is hereby granted to use them 
for any (and ONLY) Half-Life-based mod. 
Don't be a putz; Give me a credit if you're 
gonna use them.


WAD with smaller sized textures.

TGAs of smaller sized textures.

TGAs of original double-size textures.



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