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The G.O. test facility was designed to provide basic weapons training for new agents as well as give experienced agents an environment to practice and sharpen their skills.

The facility contains basic weapon ranges, explosive handling zones, and a weapons course. While there's no DFAC on site, "the commander" has been known to throw a mean BBQ in the courtyard.


The Weapons Course (training1) is a map featured in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that was added to the Beta on August 20, 2012 update, one day before the retail release.

The map functions as a tutorial for the player to learn the basic controls of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well as providing the player with gameplay tactics. No NPCs are encountered throughout the course. However, an unseen instructor sends verbal guidance to the player throughout the course via the radio.


  • Weapon skins are disabled when participating in the Weapons Course, but the player can still inspect obtained weapons.
  • There's a censored quote in the "Headshot" course. The training announcer will say, "For once, ignore the time, [Word censored here], just for bragging rights."


Unknown Category
Csgo-achievement-temp-icon Record Breaker
Beat the active training course record in the Weapons Course

Console Commands[]

The following console commands are mentioned in the console when launching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but are unusable in game.

Training Variable
  • tr_best_course_time
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Unknown
  • tr_completed_training
    • Default value is unknown.
    • Unknown

Behind the scenes[]

  • DFAC stands for Dining Facility.
  • According to the voice of the instructor and the SEAL Team 6 sleeves model, the player might be in a military base somewhere in the United States, or in an American-operated overseas base.
    • There is a possibility that the setting of the map is taking place in Florida, as evidenced by some swamp environments.
    • Despite this, the Counter-Terrorist targets depict German GSG-9 units painted on them.
  • When the player goes outside at the beginning of the map, the player can witness a helicopter taking off and leaving the base.
  • It may be likely that the Phoenix Connexion is the largest (fictional) Terrorist threat of the United States (and perhaps the world) as they are the primary targets in the training scenario.
  • An early version of the Weapons Course can be found in a leaked Counter-Strike: Global Offensive alpha version from 2011. Temporary audio files for the Commander, recorded by Chet Faliszek, the writer for the map, can be found in this version.[1]


  • This is the one of the rare times in the history of Counter-Strike in which the player, as a Counter-Terrorist, is given the ability to pick up and plant the C4 bomb.
  • At the grenade range, if the player throws a grenade at the bananas next to a mannequin and causes one of them to catch fire, fly towards, and hit the player, the player's screen will become red for 1 second due to the fire. However, the player won't lose any health.
  • The map's thumbnail used to be named "Alleyway" in the in-game files.
  • The gun cabinet that appears on this map has every gun that was in the game at launch. This cabinet also appears on Assault, near the office.