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The Winter Offensive Weapon Case is a weapon case containing 12 community-created skins. It was released as part of the December 18, 2013 update and requires a Winter Offensive Case Key to open. Since the release of Operation Vanguard, this crate is very rarely dropped. It can also be bought in the Steam Community Market.

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  • This case is the first case to feature community-made finishes.
  • M4A1-S Guardian has a Counter-Terrorists symbol on its magazine and another smaller one on its suppressor.
  • M4A1-S Guardian contains a number of text printed on its suppressor and its receiver, all of which are not found on the normal M4A1-S:
    • Suppressor:
      CT Tactical Armaments, LLC.
      West Walley,UT USA

      Serial No. 140869-ASN-C-U194
      Cal. 5.56 MM
    • Receiver:
      M4 CARBINE
      CAL. 5.56MM
      W 461214
  • Five-SeveN Kami's name is most likely named after the Japanese word for paper, 紙 (かみ, kami), due to its manga theme.
  • Five-SeveN Kami's texture shows a page of manga created by its creator, Thurnip Oposto. Some of the contents of the texture reference gameplay in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and some of the Japanese texts on the texture are translations of descriptions found in Global Offensive. The texture for the Galil AR Kami in the Huntsman Weapon Case uses a rearranged version of the same texture.
  • M4A4 Asiimov (and by extension, the Asiimov family of skins) is named after science fiction author Isaac Asimov.
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