Biographical information
Died Shortly after 13:24 HOURS
ICBM Launch Site,
North East Russia
(During Secret War)
Function(s) / Belongings
Occupation Spetsnaz
Weapon(s) MP5
RC bomb
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Russian Special Forces
Game information
Entity / spawn codes

Yuri is one of the Spetsnaz operatives seen in the Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes mission Secret War. He appears as a hacker and a demolitions expert in the mission.

Background of Secret War

As Yuri is riding in a Russian APC alongside the player, the officer discusses their mission which is a clean-and-disarm mission. He and other operatives blather with each other in the APC until they arrive at the insertion point. The player will see him again in which the officer tries to hack the door but it is jammed and orders Yuri to use his RC bombs to open it. Once inside, he tries to communicate with the silo personnel but there is no response. The officer tells the team to get started with the door while the player goes to the bunker building to turn the generators on. The player is then informed that two Terrorist factions are fighting for the silo; one is trying to steal the nuke while the other is trying to launch it. After some fighting, the officer tells the player to find Yuri and get the bombs from him but the player finds him killed. He picks up the bombs and meets with the officer close to the end of the mission.


  • Like any other Spetsnaz operative in the Secret War mission, he is equipped with the MP5.
  • He is the only one wearing a white helmet.
  • He was likely killed by one of the Terrorist factions.
    • It is possible that the Arctic Avengers killed him because when the player tries to get the bomb from Yuri, the player confronts two members of that faction near the room where Yuri's body is.
  • In the area where the nuke is housed and Yuri's body is located, the player can witness a Spetsnaz operative fall to his death, which hints that Yuri probably had backup and was not alone before he was killed.